My Journey Through Hell And Back

My hell began 18 years ago when I began to work for a small family owned business.  When I say “family” owned, I mean owned by people who were related but wanted nothing to do with each other.  A typical work day included not only the day to day business transactions but it also meant you had to deal with personal “family” arguments in the middle of the day or people throwing objects around whle in the midst of a tantrum.  Yes, these people were considered adults.  No one ever got a pat on the back for work well done, but the minute you made a mistake you wished you were dead.  For the next week or so you would be reminded what an unprofessional idiot you were.  Why I stayed, well I am a mother of 3 and I have always been good at resolving issues.  So I decided to make it my project to turn this “family” around and make them respect and honor each other.  Yeah, that really worked… not.  For while my advise was being accepted and all was well for the moment, my back was being stabbed by so many knives I don’t know how I walked out of there each day.  So, I decided to take a stand and demand respect and although they would not change their behaviour towards eachother I was not going to put up with it.  And now my hell is hotter and deeper than I ever thought possible.  I have been through, experienced and felt so much hurt, pain and anguish that I am numb to everyday life.  Why in a world with so much to offer, so many needy people and so many wars do we have to behave so horribly that we lose our respect for humanity, and have no morrals.  Hell is something I always feared as a child and someone once told me that life was truly purgatory.  I never believed them until now.  We have created our own hell and we feed it with all of our materialistic wants and needs.  We have lost touch with reality, people don’t matter, they are a means for us to get what we need.  How do we climb out of this deep dark abyss without losing it all……..



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