Life As An Empty Nester….

Fear Will Not Hold Me Back

Fear, it consumes you, it holds you down. So why can’t I overcome it. Why can’t I put my ideas into action. In this world of materialism I would like to start a not for profit organization to help elderly and home bound patients. Having a mother who stops taking medication because she can’t afford it and a father in law who has Alzheimer’s and is wheelchair bound I know the needs of our brothers and sisters. Yes we are all one large family regardless of color race or religion. We together make this world work. So why forsake those that gave us life or those that are not able to fight for themselves. I want to help with every ounce of my being. I need guidance in my quest and am open to all…… Fear I will beat you! I have to people are counting on me…

Angels and Roses

Are we a world of angels? Are we a world who cares for those that gave us life? Whathappens to our elderly, why are they forgotten? They are the “roses” on the vine of life.why do we forsake them, ignore them and shut them out of our lives? We should embrace them and nurture them and gain all the wisdom we can from them. In this world of innovation we have lost the ability to love and console and lend a helping hand.”…………